Mangalam Landmark


Ruhi Mangalam Niyoshi Park Aundh

Ruhi Mangalam Niyoshi 
ruhi mangalam niyoshi

Ruhi Mangalam Niyoshi

2 BHK | 3 BHK | 4 BHK Starting Rs 1.40 Cr Onwards*

Mangalam Melizma

Mangalam Melizma Kiwale

Mangalam  Melizma


2 BHK | 2.5 BHK | 3 BHK Starting Rs 55 Lakh Onwards*

Mangalam Lifepark

Mangalam Lifepark

mangalam lifepark
mangalam lifepark

Mangalam Lifepark 

Experience the Joy of Living in Moshi.

2 BHK 2.5 BHK AND 3 BHK Starting Rs 42 Lakh Onwards*

MAHARERA Registraion No. -P5210047611                                             Available at the Website | 

About Mangalam Properties

Mangalam Landmark – We follow a simple Mantra… continuous innovation brings continuous success. And our portfolio is a testament to prove that our Mantra works. We breathe and heave on the very notion of ‘creating the next’, enabling us to make the future our present and pave the way for other real estate developers. We live in ‘the next’.

mangalam melizma
Mangalam landmark

Head Office Address: 

1st Floor, Life Ville, Above Raymond’s Shop, PK Chowk, Pimple Saudagar, Pune – 411 027

Call : +91 9175755443

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